Piano moving by a Registered Piano Technician

(What’s an RPT?)

Piano Moving Rig

If you have a piano that needs to be moved, and you need it done carefully and professionally, we’re happy to help! The form below is detailed and allows us to give you a very accurate cost estimate.

If you are just looking to get a general idea about the cost of moving a piano, please read this article, which may help answer your questions: “How much does it cost to move a piano?

Piano Moving Quote Request
Brand name of the piano, if known
Please list any other important information about the move. For example: Is there a deadline the piano must be moved by? Are there any tight turns or narrow hallways the piano will have to move through? Is there dirt, gravel, or grass the piano will have to move across to get to the house? Is parking available at or near the delivery location? Are there any steep driveways or sidewalks?
The accuracy of the quote will be dependent on the accuracy of the information submitted, and quoted prices are subject to change if information is incomplete/inaccurate.
Max file size is 10 MB. Please upload a clear picture of the piano. If you have any unusual conditions at the pickup or delivery location, such as tight turns or a lot of steps, please upload a picture of that as well to help obtain a more accurate quote.
Please note: some ad-blocking and popup-blocking filters can interfere with the form submission. If the "submit" button is not working, try temporarily disabling your ad-blocker. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly via email.