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The most basic and important part of piano maintenance is tuning: adjusting the pitch of individual strings in the piano. Many piano players do not realize that although a typical piano has 88 keys, they have well over 200 strings. The upper two-thirds of the piano has three strings per note, while the lower range consists of monochords (one string) and bichords (two strings) that are copper-wound, heavier strings.

When tuning, in addition to tuning the piano to the standard pitch it is designed to be at, the piano technician is also striving to get the piano “in tune with itself” — this is the simplest way to explain the relationship of each note to every other note. Far from being a simple formula, this is determined by temperament and stretch and, in reality, varies slightly for every single piano based on many acoustic factors.

It is also our philosophy that a piano tuning appointment should address any other problems, immediate or potential, that the piano may have. Much like a good mechanic performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, We consider an annual piano servicing appointment an opportunity to make sure every aspect of the piano is functioning optimally. We frequently fix or adjust small problems as we go, and for larger or systemic issues, we will be sure to bring them to your attention and have a discussion about the possible courses of treatment.

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Get your piano tuned by South Jersey Piano to experience:

Consistent tone

We don’t tune through guesswork; we do it using highly experienced hands and ears that listen to pianos every day, all year round.

A piano that stays tuned longer

Properly tuned pianos maintain their quality of tone for longer.

Top-tier preventive maintenance

When we tune pianos, we also make sure to check thoroughly for any signs of wear, so that we can recommend string replacement before they break.

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