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Do you have a broken piano in your home or studio and no idea what to do with it? Contact South Jersey Piano Service’s master piano technician Ben Patterson and have it brought back to life. We work on all types of pianos and can accomplish most routine piano repairs at your home or studio for your convenience. For complicated repairs and major replacement work like repinning and restringing, you can simply schedule a pickup date with us so we can take your instrument to our workshop.

We provide complete piano repair and maintenance services, such as repairing broken action parts like hammer shanks, butts, wippens, damper levers, and flanges. We also do key and keytop restoration to give your piano a refreshed, brand new look. With South Jersey Piano Service, you can go back to making beautiful music with your properly repaired and tuned piano.

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We troubleshoot and fix common piano issues such as:

Sticky keys

Most of the time, this can be resolved by adjusting the key felt or balance pin. We also make sure to check for less common causes.

Weird or unusual noises

In our experience, weird noises are usually caused by loose parts, such as screws and hammers, or buzz from parts that shouldn’t be touching each other. That’s why we take great care to check every bolt and screw, especially those that are difficult to access, to ensure that all instrument parts are properly attached or placed.

Squeaky or broken pedals

The common cause of pedal issues is wear and tear, especially with the pedal’s leather and felt parts.

Dirty or broken soundboards

This task requires specific tools and up to two hours of work, especially on grand pianos. We use special dust removers and a top-of-the-line polish to bring the soundboard condition to as close to brand new as possible.

Broken strings

This is more common on older pianos, as strings get brittle with age. However, strings sometimes break for no apparent reason.

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