You can't make music on a broken piano

Do you have a piano that is not functioning properly and have no idea what to do with it? Contact us.

We can accomplish most routine piano repairs on-site. For complicated repairs and major replacement work, you can simply schedule a pickup date with us so we can take your instrument to our workshop.

We provide complete piano repair and maintenance services, such as repairing or replacing broken action parts, replacing keytops, repairing legs and cabinet parts, restringing, pedal and trapwork servicing, and much more.

If your piano has structural or other issues that put it beyond repair, we will be honest with you about that as well. And if you are interested in complete restoration, refinishing, or rebuilding work that is beyond the scope of our workshop, we have working relationships with all of the best rebuilders in our region and can put you in contact with the best one for your project.

With South Jersey Piano, you can go back to making beautiful music with your properly repaired and tuned piano.

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We troubleshoot and fix common piano issues such as:

Sticky keys

One of the most common problems we deal with, sticking keys can have dozens of different causes. Many are simple to fix but some may require parts replacement or more involved work. We won't know until we see the piano.

Unusual noises

Buzzes, rattles, creaks, ringing noises . . . we've heard it all. The causes are as diverse as the sounds. But rest assured that we will find it.

Squeaky or broken pedals

The common cause of pedal issues is wear and tear, especially with the pedal’s leather and felt parts.

Cracked soundboards

Some soundboard cracks are best left alone. But if it's causing other issues we will work through the options with you.

Broken strings

This is more common on older pianos, as strings get brittle with age. However, strings sometimes break for no apparent reason. Most broken strings can be either spliced or repaired on site.

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