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Pianos have up to 7,000 moving parts within them, many of which can break or warp when handled incorrectly, so moving them from one location to another is a delicate task. Aside from housing delicate components, pianos also tend to be bulky and often don’t fit through standard doorways. That’s why it’s a bad idea to move pianos on your own or hire a mover that doesn’t specialize in moving pianos. You run the risk of damaging your precious instrument and even ruining furniture or walls in the process.

Contact us at South Jersey Piano Service for a truly worry-free piano moving experience. We are experienced piano movers that know how to ensure that your instrument is protected throughout the whole process. We have moved many pianos over the years, overcoming obstacles such as tight doorways, lawns, rough roads, elevators, and even multistory buildings. We know how to work through the challenges of moving heavy pianos, and can guarantee your piano will arrive without a scratch and sound as good as ever.

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Here are some of the variables we take into account when moving pianos:

Piano size

Some pianos are larger than others, and it isn’t uncommon for us to encounter trouble navigating tight spaces to get your piano to your preferred spot. We take the time to plan your move to ensure your piano and its surroundings aren’t harmed.

Piano weight

Pianos tend to be heavy, but aside from the total weight, we also account for the weight placement when we move your instrument. It’s important to properly manage the instrument’s center of gravity to ensure it doesn’t tip over or slide, especially when heavy machinery like cranes or scissor lifts are involved.

Distance of the move

Most of the moves we handle don’t involve interstate travel, but we make sure to adequately pad every piano we move to endure whatever distance it needs to travel.


The vast majority of acoustic pianos are made with a wooden case, and it’s important to protect that from the elements because the wood’s condition has a direct effect on your instrument’s sound quality, tunability, and structural integrity. It is for this reason that we strategically schedule your piano move.

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