Prices are subject to change. These prices are valid as of January 1st, 2022. Please confirm pricing when scheduling your appointment.
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Basic Service

Piano tuning
- $135 -

Annual or bi-annual appointment;
for pianos that are regularly maintained
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Full service
tuning & cleaning
- $270 -

Optional, but strongly recommended for pianos that have not been regularly maintained. This includes a two-pass tuning as well as cleaning & lubrication.
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Piano tuning
w/ pitch adjustment
- $180 -

Two-pass tuning, often necessary for pianos
that have not been regularly maintained
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Service call
- $90 -

Minimum charge for house call to diagnose, repair, evaluate, etc. Additional labor and parts charges may apply. Not applicable to tuning appointments.
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Additional services


Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical action of the piano to give proper touch, response, and control. Proper regulation is critical for any serious playing.
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Keytop replacement

Keytop replacement is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic improvements and can make a huge difference in a piano's appearance.
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Piano LifeSaver

The Piano LifeSaver system by Dampp-Chaser is a humidity control system designed to help pianos last longer and maintain greater tuning stability.
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Voicing refers to manipulating the hammer felt to adjust the attack, tone, sustain, and timbre of the piano strings. Proper hammer voicing has a tremendous effect on the overall sound of a piano.
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Finish repair

Piano finishes can be very difficult to work with, especially if the repair has to be done on-site. We do on-site and shop repairs, and refer to other specialists for more complex or unusual jobs.
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When the life and sustain is gone from piano strings, they have to be replaced. This is the same as any other stringed instrument, except that a piano has well over 200 strings, at 100-200 lbs of tension each!
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Piano moving

We offer professional piano moving services for uprights and grands, throughout southern NJ and surrounding regions.
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Used pianos for sale

We regularly have used pianos for sale, both uprights and grands.

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