Registered Piano Technician is a technical certification awarded by the Piano Technicians Guild to piano technicians who have passed a series of exams to demonstrate competency. There are currently three exams: a written exam, a 4-hour tuning exam, and a 4-hour technical exam (demonstrating various common repairs).

There are no government bodies regulating or certifying piano technicians in the US. As a result, the Piano Technicians Guild was founded in 1958 (with the roots of the organization going back to 1910), to provide a common space for piano technicians to learn from one another, and later, to provide a standardized competency certification.

There are other organizations in North America and worldwide, but the Piano Technicians Guild is by far the largest and most well-established, and for that reason I chose to complete the PTG’s Registered Piano Technician certification.

It is very important that you hire a piano technician whom you can trust! I view the RPT certification as one of several ways that I communicate to my customers my seriousness about the craft, and my intention to care for their pianos properly.

Ben Patterson, RPT

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  • Susan Bold Reed

    I am a long-retired RPT and I live in Bridgeton. Somehow I have missed hearing about you, but your page popped up on my Facebook today. I am often asked for recommendations for tuning and I will certainly recommend you in the future. At my age I have stopped tuning my own piano, and I’ll be giving you a call after the heat is on! I look forward to meeting you.

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