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Moving a piano from one place to another is a delicate task due to the numerous fragile components within the instrument, which can break or become misaligned if handled improperly. Pianos are also typically large and may not fit through standard doorways, which makes moving them even more challenging. For these reasons, it is generally not advisable to attempt moving a piano on your own or to hire a mover without specialized expertise in moving pianos. Doing so could result in damage to your valuable instrument, as well as potential harm to your furniture and walls.

For a hassle-free piano moving experience, get in touch with South Jersey Piano Service. As experienced piano movers in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas, we have the expertise to ensure that your instrument is well-protected during the entire moving process. Our team has successfully relocated numerous pianos over the years, overcoming various challenges such as narrow doorways, bumpy roads, uneven terrain, elevators, and even multistory buildings. We know how to navigate the difficulties of moving heavy pianos and can assure you that your instrument will receive the utmost care throughout the move.

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We have many years of experience moving pianos in South Jersey, Delaware, and nearby areas.

Our services are rendered by a true musician and highly experienced piano tuner and cleaner.

We have the expertise to diagnose and remedy piano issues that do not manifest clearly.

We have a proven track record in instrument care and maintenance.

We are a local business that you can easily reach out to and are accountable for your and your instrument’s best interests.

Churches, touring musicians, big-name bands, schools, and people from all walks of life trust us for the long-term upkeep of their pianos.

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